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Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Proud to stand together and be part of the foundation of our country. Celebrating the AAPI month.

Protest in downtown Houston after Georgia shooting in March 2021

Photo credit: Mark Liu Ying

The photo above was taken in downtown Houston where people gathered to protest anti-Asian hate following the Georgia shootings on March 16, 2021. The wave of anti-Asian xenophobia is racism in its manifestation. Though not new, Anti-Asian sentiment seriously undermines the foundation of our democracy.

Diversity in the US

AAPIs are active in all walks of life, including news media.  Labels and stereotypes on AAPI may cause confusion and damage. The Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders article in Credo Reference is worth reading. The article starts like this: 


On a rainy October morning in 2016, Michael Luo stepped out of his church on the Upper East Side of Manhattan with his family and some friends and headed for a Korean restaurant down the street. As the two families clustered outside the restaurant, with a stroller partially blocking the sidewalk, a woman brushed past them.

“Go back to China!” Luo remembers her muttering as she rushed down the block. Luo hesitated for a second and then ran to confront her. “Really? Go back to China?” he said. She pulled out her cell phone and threatened to call the police. As Luo walked away she screamed, “Go back to your f—ing country.”

“I was born in this country!” Luo yelled back.


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