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What's happening in/with/around the library, part of the Student Learning Resource Center (12.800).

Get your steps in and earn prizes!

Did you know that 5 laps around the SLRC equals 1/4 of a mile?

Prizes - tshirt, water bottle, sticker, braceletJoin us for LevelUP, a program designed to help you increase your activity levels, mental health, and academic success, as well as get to know the services in the SLRC.

Register below and stop by the front desk to get your completion card.

Level Distance Prize
1 1/4 mile (5 laps) Sticker
2 1 mile (20 laps) Bracelet
3 5 miles (100 laps) Water bottle
4 10 miles (200 laps) T-shirt


Register Today!


Who can participate?

We've opened up participation to include employees as well as students!

Do I have to walk around the SLRC?

Yeah, sorry, no honor system here -- our front desk staff will mark off your progress.

Do I have to walk?

Not necessarily. If you need any kind of mobility aid, including a wheelchair, that will still count!

(But please, no bikes or skates or running.)


To learn more about how exercise impacts physical, mental, and academic health, check out these articles (as referenced on the signs around the SLRC):

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Exercise reduces stress, improves grades. (2011, September 22). Targeted News Service