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The Advisors

Talk to an advisor if:

  • You're a part-time student and don't see a plan for a program.
  • You took college courses elsewhere. You may be able to substitute those for required courses at LSC.
  • You want to transfer to a four-year school. You should make sure your elective choices will transfer where you want to go.
  • You want to make sure you're on track for your degree plan.
  • You have any questions or need help. Advisors are here to support you!

Contact UP Advisors

Call 281.401.5370


Visit UP Advising Office

20515 State Highway 249
Houston, TX 77070

A Favorite Professor or Campus Employee

Just about everyone here has been through at least some college and has insights they can offer -- and of course, we work here, so know the campus.

How to Ask

  • Full-time instructors offer office hours -- a time set aside for students dropping in, either to their offices or virtually.
  • Email or call to ask questions or to arrange a time to meet


Sample Scripts to Get You Started

Remember to make the subject line brief but descriptive, like: Question about major

Allow at least a couple (2+) business days (Monday through Friday) for a response before politely following up. e.g. If you email on a Saturday, wait until Wednesday to send a reminder.

  • Pro-tip! Go to your copy of the first sent email to forward off when creating your gentle reminder. Keeps all the context together.


Who to Choose


Professors for subjects in or relating to your major can give you an insider's perspective on getting through that degree. Many have work history in that industry, as well! And of course they're familiar with classes here at Lone Star.

Don't feel limited to just someone whose class you're in! If you're thinking of making a change, seek someone who's teaching in that area. One of your current professors may be able to recommend someone.


Other Folks

Anyone you feel comfortable talking to is a valuable resource! What was their college experience like? What'd they major in and was it worth it?