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You must complete a graduation application through myLoneStar.

Graduation application deadlines are:

  • October 1 for Fall diploma
  • February 1 for Spring diploma
  • April 1 for Summer diploma

Why graduate from community college?

You'll have an official degree (Associate's), not just some college credits! That's a degree you earned that you can list on your resume... and if your life goes an unexpected direction, interrupting your bachelor's degree, you still have a higher degree than high school, which will help your job prospects and earnings.


Your destination school decides what credits they'll accept from Lone Star (or any other college). It's very important to get informed about that school's requirements and talk to their advisors.

To minimize problems with the transferability of courses, students should make their choice of a college or university as soon as possible and obtain a catalog from that institution. A faculty advisor or counselor should be consulted and a degree plan developed to ensure progress toward the student’s educational goal.

Reverse Transfer (Reverse Articulation)

Did you know that you may be able to transfer credits back to Lone Star to retroactively complete an associate's degree? Look for information on the site of the 4-year school you're transferring to.

Reverse transfer is a process specifically designed to allow students who transfer to a four-year university prior to earning an associate degree to be awarded the associate degree while pursuing the bachelor’s degree. Texas requires public institutions to participate in reverse transfer according to specific guidelines set forth in Texas Education Code § 61.833 (Credit Transfer for Associate Degree).