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A general introduction to resources to support psychology at LSC-University Park.

PSYC 2301 Course Info

This introductory course will provide students with an overview of the current body of knowledge and methods of the science of psychology. Topics will include the historical foundations of psychology, cognition, emotions, learning, human development, biological bases of behavior, personality, psychological disorders, psychotherapy and behavior change, and social behavior. Emphasis also will be placed on the application of psychology to diverse human endeavors.

  1. Identify various research methods and their characteristics used in the scientific study of psychology.
  2. Describe the historical influences and early schools of thought that shaped the field of psychology.
  3. Describe some of the prominent perspectives and approaches used in the study of psychology.
  4. Use terminology unique to the study of psychology.
  5. Describe accepted approaches and standards in psychological assessment and evaluation.
  6. Identify factors in physiological and psychological processes involved in human behavior


Selected E-books

OpenStax Psychology textPsychology by OpenStax
This is an open-access textbook that can be read for free online. Learn more about OpenStax.