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Assignment | Issues Facing Texas (Plank): Find Your Research

GOVT 2306 | Prof. Matt Plank (Spring 2024)

Search the Library Collections

Texas-Specific Sources

Texas Government

Want to search just Texas government sites?

Do a Google search with your search terms +

Google Web Search

Other Possible Resources

These sites are reporters or organizations/think tanks discussing Texas issues. This can help you get started with exploring the topics, or be places to find sources to use for your research. It's just a sampling! You are not limited to these sites.

Individual Library Databases

If you're having trouble narrowing your search to a manageable amount with the total search above, or if you know there's a specific type of content or collection you want, you can search individual library databases.

Accessing the Databases

Access 100+ databases organized by subject area from the Research Databases page. Also try our dynamic, sortable database list!

To access the databases locked icon (same icon that displays by the LSC-limited access resources) from off-campus, you will have the choice of entering your LSC email/password OR your 14-digit library barcode number.