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Día de los Muertos | Day of the Dead

"Skulls for the living, bread for the dead" - learn more about Dia de los Muertos.

October/November: Día de los Muertos Public Ofrenda

Ofrenda photo from 2021: Photos on a black background. A colorful paper banner hangs across the top with some sugar skulls in the corners. The table in front has marigolds and candles.When:

Día de los Muertos is officially Nov. 1-2, but we're going to have the ofrenda up all week, Oct. 30 - Nov. 3.


This is a public memorial to lost loved ones. Send in photos and/or stories you want to share -- we'll take care of printing out copies to display! You're welcome to leave items directly, too, but since this is a public display, don't leave anything you couldn't bear to lose.

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