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Library Anxiety

Library anxiety is a fear of the library space

What is Library Anxiety?

Are you anxious about researching for your paper? Have you always used Google or Wikipedia, and now your professor is expecting a scholarly source from the library? Do you know what you want to find but don't know how? We're here for you! 

Library anxiety is a fear of the library space, which can stop students from using the library and the valuable resources available to them, impacting their ability to complete assignments. It is a significant issue that is more common than people think. 

If you need further assistance in handling anxiety, Lone Star College (LSC) has trained counselors to help.

Helpful Links to Guide You Through the Library

Library Sources and Resources

Information about reserves, fines, ID cards, study rooms,  and other library offerings.

Online Library Orientation

Get to know the library in this is a 10-minute introduction to library services with an implicit focus on online-only access. 

Make an Appointment 

Sometimes it's better to just have a live conversation about your research, databases, or citations.

How to Beat Library Anxiety

Instead of avoiding the library, challenge yourself to enter the space and see what it offers. Find articles about not suffering from Library Anxiety, calming music, and apps. 

Resources to Help

Find helpful videos on how to use the library and get ahead in the research process, helpful guides to navigating the library, and information on seeking behavior.  

You are not Alone

You are not alone in feeling anxious about using the library. Check out some scenes from tv shows or movies set in a library, and find other services provided by the Student Learning Resource Center (SLRC).

A-Z Databases

Find the best library databases for your research.

Research Guides

We have guides for research, course support, library instruction, library resources, and more.

Citation Help

No matter if you are writing in MLA, APA, or Chicago we have online guides with examples, instructions, and pre-forme Word documents, 


Have more questions? Search our SLRC Knowledgebase or ask a question we haven't yet answered. 

We Are Here for You!

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