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Getting Started with E-Books

Introduction to & instructions for using the e-book collections available to LSC-UP users.

Access Link

Full text, searchable reference materials

Read online or download PDF chapters/articles

Multi-disciplinary background info for academic topics

Contains Sources include subject encyclopedias, almanacs, and other reference sources on a wide range of topics.
Best for General topic searching for background info.
Multi-user? An unlimited number of users can view and download chapters from the database. There is no loan period. You can download a chapter and access it any time from any device.
Printing Limits Download and print a chapter at a time.
Download Limits Download any chapter in PDF format. View on any electronic device that enables you to read a PDF file.

Access, Read, Download

You will need:

  • a web browser (such as Chrome or Firefox) and

Off-Campus Access:

You will need:

  • LSC library barcode number


  • LSC email and password

Picture of LSC ID, Chrome logo, Firefox logo, and Safari Browser logo


Chapter pdf download option is in the upper-right toolbar

This collection gives you the option to download your article/chapter as a PDF, allowing you to print, save, or transfer your reading to another device.

Listen icon in accessibility panel

You can also download an mp3 of a computer reading of the text by clicking the "Listen" icon in the accessibility tools panels at the top of the article.

Clicking the listen panel starts playing audio and gives an option to download an mp3.


Begin your search in Gale eBooks by entering your search term(s) in the dialog box. Use your the Advanced Search to get more specific results.

In your browser, navigate to the collection to search and read:

Documents from the Gale eBooks are downloadable as PDFs; just follow the instructions for transferring PDF files to your device.

You can send PDF files to your Kindle by emailing the document to yourself through your Send to Kindle email address.