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Assignment | Political Platform Paper (Bishop): Getting Started

Prof. Kimberli Bishop | ENGL 1302 (Spring 2024)

Your Assignment

Your Goals:

Consider yourself a political pundit who has been called upon for his/her expertise regarding a particular political party’s (Democrat or Republican, whichever you drew out of a hat in class) stance regarding ONE of the following topics: 

  • Energy;
  • Prosperity;
  • Voter Identification;
  • Immigration; or
  • Criminal Justice Reform.

Your role as the author of this document is to learn enough about the argumentative points your opposition might make that you can confidently provide an in-depth, specific, and persuasive argument as to why your political point of view is superior to that of the opposition.  The audience is not only Professor Bishop, but the entire voting population.

Both Sides Now

Platform Documents

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