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Banned Books Week

A guide to ALA's Banned Books Week with a focus on libraries, censorship, and freedom to read.

What is Cancel Culture?

While we normally think of Banned Books Week as related to the censorship of just books or library materials, the term Cancel Culture has been used in the last four to five years to encompass not only materials such as books but also people and their actions.

Dr. Tina Sikka defines cancel culture as the "act of public shaming someone for a perceived or substantiative social transgression that hasn't been adequately addressed through traditional channels." She states that "cancel culture serves as an outlet for reflecting the changing social norms that institutions haven't caught up with."

While the banning of a book removes the option of someone consuming the material based on it's perceived content by a person or organization, cancel culture is a call for a personal choice to not support the works or opinions of a person or organization based on their actions, viewpoints or statements.  

Check out the resources below for a more in-depth look at this concept.