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Assignment | Art Mini-Research Sequence (Armstrong): Getting Started

ARTS 1301, 1303, & 1304 Art History & Art Appreciation | Prof. Janna Armstrong (Fall 2023)

Your Assignments

Your Goals

  • 3 sources - can be anything, but must be from the library databases
    • 1 sentence explanation of how it could be used (from the 3 categories in the assignment)
    • MLA citation
  • Reflection paragraph

Your Goals

  • 2 pages of interview Q&A
  • cover page
  • MLA works cited
  • page featuring 2 samples of the artist's work with info

Your Goals

  • 1-2 pages of graphic essay
  • equal amounts imagery + text
  • MLA works cited page

Pro-tip! Use Canva or PowerPoint or Publisher or even InDesign to create this rather than Word.

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