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Assignment | Art Mini-Research Sequence (Armstrong): Getting Started

ARTS 1301, 1303, & 1304 Art History & Art Appreciation | Prof. Janna Armstrong (Fall 2021)

Mini Assignments for your Research Project

Discussion Post!

You'll compare a scholarly article to a popular source on the same topic (i.e. an artist of your choosing) in a post to the D2L discussion board.  How in depth is the information?  What tone do they use?  What sources are provided?

Example Pairs of Articles:

Skills to Flex:


To lay the groundwork for your future research in the next phase of the assignment, the annotated bibliography.

Your Goals:

  • short, introductory paragraph about your artist
  • annotated citations for 4 total sources:
    • 1 scholarly article from the library databases (textbook doesn't count)
  • MLA format for the page and the citations

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Accessing the Databases

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