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Assignment | Nature vs Nurture Paper (Aguilar): Finding Information

PSYC 2314 | Prof. Aguilar (Spring 2023)

Before You Research

Scholarly articles are not the place to start your research. First, you need to get familiar enough with your topic to narrow it down, and for that you need more general information. This will help you develop context for your topic as well as get to know the specialized terms used by experts.

Brainstorm with Credo Mind-mapping

Mind Map Prenatal development


illustration of a question mark on fire (burning question)Psst -- what's a database?

In its most basic sense, a database is just a selection of information designed for you to search and retrieve stuff from it. Amazon is a database you're probably familiar with: it's limited (only contains things you can buy through them) and retrievable (you can search and filter your results to find what you're looking for).

The library databases contain reputable, reliable sources of information to support researchers like you! This means everything from digital encyclopedias (like Credo), ebooks, scholarly journal articles, magazine and newspaper articles, streaming videos, statistics, and more.

Best Bets


Books are also useful in the research process, and due to their length, can go deeper and farther into topics. Or maybe it's just a lot of overviews collected together -- it depends on the book!

Books on Shelves

University Park is a library without the traditional books on shelves. However, search the LSCS Library Catalog, make a request and have books delivered to University Park. It is easy! We will contact you via email when your requested items arrive.

Accessing the Databases

Access online library materials through the library databases!

To access the databases locked icon (same icon that displays by the LSC-limited access resources) from off-campus, you will be prompted to enter your LSC email/password or your 14-digit library barcode.

Video Sources

Other Sources

Open access literature is free. Scholarly publications can be shared without cost in these journals. The psychology journals linked below are peer-reviewed. Search interfaces are available to help find relevant articles.