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ENGL 1302: Composition & Rhetoric II (Nusbaum): Finding Articles

ENGL 1302 | Prof. J. Nusbaum (Spring 2022)

The Research Process: Step 1 - Background Research

Scholarly articles are not the place to start your research. First, you need to get familiar enough with your topic that you can start to narrow it down, and for that, you need more general information. This will help you develop a context for your topic as well as get to know the specialized terms used by experts.

Now that you have explored your topic, finding keywords and concepts to narrow your focus, you are ready to dig deeper in the Top Article Databases linked below. 

Top Article Databases

Find More Databases

Even More Databases:

Consider which disciplines apply to your specific topic when choosing your databases.

DatabasesResearch Databases (Main Page)

Databases (A-Z List)