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Assignment | HIST 1301 Annotated Bibliography (Lerma): Getting Started

HIST 1301 | Prof. Lerma (Spring 2024)


Choose ONE item from EACH topic list. Create an annotated bibliography on each topic. There should be at least 3 annotations for each topic. Your sources should be secondary source articles about the topic that are written by scholars. They can come from journal articles or university websites.

Each annotation should be between 175-200 words. You will also need to cite your documents using Chicago citations. This assignment will be checked via and any plagiarism will result in a grade of 0.

EARLIEST AMERICANS topics | Clovis Peoples • Mesa Verde • Pueblo Bonito • Cahokia • Chumash • The Iroquois Confederacy (Haudenosaunee) • The Algonquian tribes | EUROPEAN EXPLORATION topics • The Columbian Exchange • Valladolid Debates • Establishing St. Augustine, FL • Conquistadors (Oñate, De Soto, or Cabeza de Vaca) • Establishing Jamestown • French Jesuits • New Netherlands

Full assignment details (including the grading rubric) are in the file below and in the digital classroom in D2L.

Managing Your Research

Your process to capture sources and citations will be very individual, but be consistent and choose a tool to help organize your research. Some suggested tools:

Learn the Terms

Do you understand what a "secondary source" is? This information type is expected for this assignment. The handout below defines this term and other information terms. Knowledge is power.