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#Government & Political Science

General guide to government resources, including pages for GOVT courses.

Finding Scholarly Articles

Once you've completed some preliminary research, you're ready to start digging in to find more scholarly sources. Depending on exactly what you're focusing on, you could end up exploring databases relating to business, health, education, and so on.

Pro-Tip!While the databases all function in more or less the same way, the way they pull out scholarly articles can vary. Look for any search options that specifically say "peer-reviewed/scholarly articles" to limit your results.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar is sort of like Google's version of our research databases in that it indexes scholarly content, making it easier to pick out than if you did just a normal Google Search. However, articles are often behind paywalls (and they're not always the best journal publishers, either).

If you find an article that's not available on the free web, you can request a copy using our inter-library loan form to have a copy tracked down and emailed to you.

Google Scholar Search