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EDI Voices Additional Resources

This guide is a space for additional resources that support the professional development series entitled EDI Voices.

Misgendering and Pronoun Usage

For many wonderful resources on misgendering and correct pronouns usage, see the LGBTQ+ Libguide linked below.

Model Minority Myth

The model minority myth posits that all Asian Americans excel academically, particularly in math, and are overrepresented in higher education; are wealthy, or at least never require or accept any form of public assistance; do not experience racism or if they do, don’t complain about it, but seek upward mobility through hard work and staying quiet.

The model minority myth obscures the historic racism encountered by Asian Americans and the need for resources in the community. The myth also has a long and troubling history in the way that it has been used as a “wedge issue,” particularly against African Americans.

White Privilege

Claims of Reverse Racism/Sexism