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EDI Voices Additional Resources

This guide is a space for additional resources that support the professional development series entitled EDI Voices.

About This Guide

EDI – Being the Voice for Diverse Learners 

If you’ve ever overheard something in a classroom, hallway, or meeting room that made you wonder “Should I have said something?”, this session is for you. In this series of conversations, we will pose scenarios specifically centering around communication between faculty, students, staff, and administration. The primary goal of these discussions is to prepare individuals to speak up and be the voice for fellow Lions on topics that include race, sexual orientation, gender equality, generational understanding, and more.

After each session, relevant resources about the topics covered will be added here. If you find any resources that you would like to see added, please reach out to any of the committee members: Shelby Bercu, Jaime Stoops, Nicole Stalnaker, Aaron Alon, Balencia Crosby, or Dave Gaer