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Database Search Strategies ( Interactive Option): Links

Learn how to break down a topic into a search strategy and what database search options will help you.


Workshop Recording

If you want to skip around:

0:40 Pre-Research & Topic Development Recap
2:20 Creating Search Terms
3:27 Databases intro
4:05 AND/OR/NOT, parentheses
7:19 Database demonstration in Academic Search Complete
11:20 Wildcards
12:28 Quotation Marks
13:49 Proximity
15:33 Recap
15:59 All database work basically the same using these principles
17:29 Ask us about your specific research problem!


Accessing the Databases

Access online library materials through the library databases!

To access the databases locked icon (same icon that displays by the LSC-limited access resources) from off-campus, you will be prompted to enter your 14-digit library barcode or your LSC email/password.

Don't have a barcode but want one? Request a barcode number online.

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