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Transferring to 4-Year University

What you need to know before you start planning your transfer to a 4-year college.

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Terms to Know

Admissions Requirements: University vs College/Major

Specific programs within a university can have more stringent admissions requirements than the overall school. Investigate not only how to transfer into your university of choice but also your specific major.

For example,

University of Houston GPA requirements
  Your Status GPA Needed
Leaving High School UH general admission ~3.4 (depending on class rank and test scores)
UH Bauer College of Business freshman admission ~3.8 (depending on class rank and test scores)
Transferring from a College Transfer admission to UH 2.5 - if you've earned 15+ credit hours
Transfer admission to Bauer College of Business

3.25 - if you've earned 30+ credit hours

3.8  - if you've earned under 30 credit hours

You need a higher GPA to get into Bauer to be a business major than you do to generally enroll at UH.

If you're trying to transfer after only 1 or 2 semesters with LSC (or other college), you'd need a 3.8 GPA!


Sources for UH GPA Info:

Articulation Agreements

An articulation agreement is a framework to form partnerships between LSC and other academic institutions to formalize a pathway for student transfer.

This is a useful term to include when you're researching your college(s)!

Try it below:

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Yes, a credit may transfer... but it might only count as one of your electives at the destination school instead of getting you closer to your major.


When you're planning on transferring schools, you need to work with both your LSC advisor as well as an advisor at your destination school.

The LSC advisor knows our programs and pathways for you to stay on track here.

The advisor at your transfer school knows what courses they're likely to accept and give credit for, and what you need to consider as you're planning your courses. There may be advisors specifically dedicated to working with incoming transfers.

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