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LSC-University Park students have access to a premium Grammarly subscription for free! Grammarly is a writing-enhancement platform to assist you in improving your grammar and writing abilities.

Available Plug-Ins

It can be a little inconvenient to upload draft after draft... fortunately, Grammarly also offers apps you can install to streamline your writing checks!

Need to Install Word?

Get Office365 free via

Get Office365 for free with your student email address: (myLoneStar username)

From, you can:

Use in the cloud

Download & install to your computer

Microsoft Word

Visit the Grammarly for MS Word and Office page to download the plug-in. Run the .exe and follow the installation instructions (you might want to install only the Word add-on if you don't use Microsoft Outlook for email). You'll be prompted to log in to your Grammarly account, or you can skip this step and log in from inside Word.

After a successful install, you'll see a Grammarly button in Word to the far right!

Grammarly Button in Word

To initiate a Grammarly check, just click the button. You'll be able to see the different options available across the top of Word. You can tell Grammarly what kind of essay you're working on, and enable or disable checks for things like spelling, sentence structure, vocabulary enhancement, and even plagiarism.

Any issues that Grammarly finds will be underlined inside your document, and the suggested change will be recommended in the side panel to the right.

Grammarly in action - screenshot


Fixing an error in Grammarly for Word

To learn more about the grammar rule behind the suggestions, just click the the little arrow icon to expand the short lesson.

To accept the change, click on the green (to the right of the -> arrow), corrected word/phrase.

Web Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari)

Grammarly's browser extension support page has links to the appropriate pages where you'll be able to download and install Grammarly to use in your browser. You'll gain a little green button to trigger Grammarly checks, but it will also check your writing in the background (no need to click).

Grammarly button in Chrome

This is especially useful if you have any classes that require you to post to D2L, or (of course) anywhere else online where you're typing out content to share.