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Friends of the SLRC: Getting Started


Each year, the SLRC recognizes  faculty and staff who have collaborated, advocated or otherwise supported the library's efforts to make a difference in student completion and success.


Past Recipients

  • Ibe, Megan, and Elaine on stage at the Leo AwardsIbe Uzoegwu (FT Faculty, English)
  • Donna Morrison (FT Staff, Facilities)

This year was a little different: Academic Coaching recognized the math department!

  • Priscilla Arteaga (Division 1 Operations Manager)
  • Diane Broussard (Division 3 Operations Manager)
  • Michael Donnelly (Professor, EDUC 1300)
  • Claudia Greenhaw (Division 3 Staff Assistant)
  • Katherine Truax (Profesor, History)
  • Christa Spears (FT Faculty, Geology)
  • Mike McGinley (PT Faculty, Art History)
  • Amanda Griffin (FT Staff, Professional Development)
  • Carlos Chang-Michel (PT Staff, Professional Development)
  • Kristie Boston (FT Faculty, English)
  • Linda Bolton (PT Faculty, EDUC 1300)
  • Rudy Quiroga (FT Staff, Facilities)
  • Andrew Medrano (PT Staff, Student Activities)
  • Ricky Searcy (FT Staff, Facilities)
  • Marie Bruckner (PT Staff, College Relations)
  • Balencia Crosby (PT Faculty, Speech)
  • Joohee Suh (FT Faculty, Government)
  • Sarah Ray (FT Staff, College Activities)
  • Joseph Butler (FT Staff, Student Success)
  • Ivan Rodriguez (PT Staff, OTS)
  • Negussie Abebe (PT Faculty, English)
  • Matt Plank (FT Faculty, Government)
  • Sandi Van Alstine (FT Faculty, EDUC 1300)
  • Dawn Gatlin (PT Faculty, Education)
  • Waquas Hussain (FT Staff, OTS)
  • Arlie Bryant (PT Faculty, EDUC 1300)
  • Cherry Sawyerr (FT Faculty, Psychology)
  • Lisa South (PT Faculty, History)


along with

  • Shah Ardalan, President
  • Kathy Cecil-Sanchez, Vice President of Instruction
  • College Relations (entire department)