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Assignment | INRW Argumentative Essay (Caesar): Instructions

ESOL 0310 INRW | Prof. Lorena Caesar (Fall 2022)

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Topic ProposalWrite an OutlineWrite your draft to turn in.Revise and re-write your paper.Reflection paper

Your Goals:

  • Pick a topic and at least 3 articles to use.
  • Write an outline.
  • Write a 600-800 word paper: 1 draft and 1 revised draft.
  • MLA format
  • Write a reflection on your revising and editing process.

Skills to Use:

  • Understand and choose texts that support an argument
  • Use the ideas and words of other writers in your own paper
  • Organize your ideas into an argumentative essay
  • Use correct grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation for an academic essay.

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