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0. Pick Your Own Escapade, Covid Edition. The adventure begins: _

Originally posted and shared at the end of the terrible spring 2020 semester. Choose where your head's at, and discover reading recommendations!

Pick Your Own Escapade

You open the email from the SLRC and scan the contents - contacting the librarians, online tutoring, the usual - but there’s a link at the bottom that intrigues you. Pick Your Own Escapade? Like those books where you chose your own destiny and it told you what page to go to? That’s interesting. You check your phone. Your take-out is still 10 minutes away - what the heck.

There are two choices… which will you choose?

Doom & Gloom   Escapism!


This adventure escapade was distributed via email to students at the end of spring 2020.


Written by: Kitty Jordan, Mike Alose

Graphics and design by: Elaine M. Patton