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Assignments | PSYC 2301 (Butler): Start Here

Spring 2019 | PSYC 2301, Prof. Joseph Butler

Your Assignments (Up to This Point)

Due: March 27th

“Interview with a Serial Killer – Real Stories”

Please review the movie and write a two page review of Arthur Shawcross, from the documentary Interview with a Serial Killer. Your review must include your psychological diagnosis that clearly discusses the psychological disorder that you consider Mr. Shawcross to have, and also discuss the reasons that you have chosen this diagnosis. Please be sure to pay attention and identify any psychological disorders that you may come across with accurate resources that have the appropriate in-text citations. I would strongly encourage you to begin with your textbook (i.e.Chpts 14 & 15). This will ensure that your review is aligned with the current research; a requirement of this assignment.

You are also required to include therapeutic interventions, or possible treatments that you would recommend for Arthur Shawcross. Along with your chosen approach for psychological treatment, you must also discuss the reasons why you chose this approach and why you believe it is the best approach to treat this client. I would strongly encourage you to review Psychology in Your Life, chapters 14 and 15 for your research on psychological therapies.

Note: you must be sure to provide adequate academic support supporting your psychological findings (i.e. mental disorders) that includes in-text citations and a corresponding reference entry on your reference page.

This assignment must be written in APA format.

***Journal Article Assignment (Must be written in APA)
You can find the articles using “EBSCO host”

Due: February 20th

This assignment is work is worth 5% if your final grade. Your task is to locate a research report (not a theoretical review, letter to the editor, opinion paper, etc.) in one of the professional journals from the field of psychology, read enough of the report to answer the questions listed below. Research reports are the published primary sources - reports by investigators explaining why they did their study, how they did their study, what they found, what they conclude, and what they intend to do in the future. A research report can usually be recognized by clearly labeled Method, Results and Discussion sections within the body of the paper.

Select one or more of the psychology journal titles below to look up using the Title option on the library’s system. Type carefully! You may have to click on the journal title on a couple of screens before you see the DOI number. Write down the DOI number of the journal below. Look through the journal for an interesting research report that you can make sense of. You may have to look at several issues to find one you like.
Read through the article, paying particular attention to the Method section, so that you can answer the remaining questions.

When you submit your assignment, please write the questions out and then submit your answer underneath the question.

1) DOI number

2) What were the researchers interested in? What was their hypothesis, and what research question were they trying to answer?

3) Who were the participants in this study (what were their characteristics)? Describe the target population, the number of participants, and why they were targeted.

4) How was the research conducted? What methods, tools, and/or environments were used to complete the study? (Describe what they did; usually in the Methods section)

5) Does this research fit one of the basic research methods we discussed (naturalistic observation, survey/questionnaire, case study, experiment, correlational research, or meta-analysis? Which? Why do you think so?

6) What did the researchers find? What were their conclusions?

7) Please define and identify five (5) psychology related terms within the article. You must provide citation along with each definition.






8) Now that you have reviewed the journal article, provide a minimum of three academic sources that the author of your chosen article used to complete their research. These resources must be listed in APA format.

Library Resources:

***Share your Knowledge

Due: January 30th

The field of Psychology is constantly changing on a daily basis. In order for you to be abreast of these constant changes, you will be required to review an article from the reputable magazine (and website) Psychology Today. You will share what you have learned from reading the article to your class. This short concise (2 page) paper must be written in APA format, and you must also be sure to include a properly formatted reference page, title page, and in-text citations according to APA guidelines in your paper.

Your paper must answer the following topics within your chosen article:

What was the main purpose of this article?
What was the most important issue discussed within your chosen topic?
Was this article helpful to you, to someone else, or of no use at all?

The magazine Psychology Today can be found online ( The article that you choose to review must be current and written within the last year.

Brief presentations will be required for this assignment, and will generally begin according to last name.

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How to Read a Scholarly Research Article