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Overview of resources in support of biology and life sciences at LSC-University Park.

Welcome! In This Guide...

Overviews & Starting Points

Get the basics and the big picture.

Scholarly Research

Locate more in-depth, academic examinations of topics in biology.


E-Books & Books

Suggestions and samples of available books.


Credible websites to help you further explore the subject.



Resources to cite the information you find.


Connect with information about careers relating to biology and other life sciences.


Course Guides

Find a variety of additional content targeted towards specific courses.

Learning Tools

Find apps and other digital tools to support your understanding of biology.

Best Bets

Just want to get started searching for articles about topics in the Biomedical and Life Sciences?  Try one of these databases:

Biology Textbooks on Reserve

The following biology textbooks are available to borrow in the library (B12.800). They can be checked out for up to 2 hours and are for in-library use only.

Anatomical Models at the Library

Anatomical models, as well as 2 microscopes, are also available in the Science/A&P tutoring room during its open hours.

Quantity: We have one each of the following models.
​Check-out Duration: 2 hours, in-library use

eyeball Human Eye Model
kidneyHuman Kidney with Adrenal Gland Model
heart Human Heart Model
earHuman Ear Model
skeleton Articulated Human Muscular Skeleton Model
lung Human Lung Model

Microscope Slides Sets:


Nerve Tissue Set (8 slides)

Blood Set (9 slides)

Connective Tissue Set (12 slides)

Gland Types Set (6 slides)

Blood and Lymph Vessels Set (6 slides)

Muscle Types Set (3 slides)

Epithelium Types Set (11 slides)

Integument Types Set (8 slides)