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Professional Development

Steps for Teaching Online Courses at LSC

We must be prepared to cope with possible campus closures in the event of natural disasters, communicable disease outbreaks, or other emergencies.

If you want to prepare for a possible move to online teaching, please review the steps below:

  1. Complete the Online Teaching Certification to familiarize yourself with D2L and LSC resources
  2. Familiarize yourself with the available Instructional Technologies for Course Contingency
  3. Review the Steps for Maintaining Instructional Continuity
  4. Refer to the Online Faculty Handbook and Recommended Practices for course development
  5. Consult the VTAC Event Calendar for D2L training sessions and open-lab times
  6. Use this VTAC site to find information about editing your course
  7. Explore how to create lecture videos using TechSmith Relay
  8. Learn how to host/attend a video conference using WebEx

For more information, visit VTAC's Campus Closure Preparedness page.