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Assignment | Satire Essay (Del Donno): Getting Started

ENGL 1302 | Prof. Del Donno (Spring 2024)

The Assignment

Your Goals

  • 750-1500 words (excluding Works Cited)
    • Introduce your subject and build credibility
    • Describe what is irritating about your topic
    • Present at least 1 solution
  • MLA style
    • Works Cited page required
    • Works Consulted page optional
  • Credible sources

Academic Research Terms

Information that is believable and convincing. Tends to be fact-based, produced by a reputable source, possibly written by an easily identified expert(s) in the field, current or timely for your topic. 
Prior to publication in a journal (typically), articles are reviewed by experts (i.e. peers of the author) within the research field. This extended process assesses the quality, significance, and validity of the manuscript before publication is approved. It is more intensive than proofreading or fact-checking.
Information produced by an expert for other experts to report on research or literature reviews on a topic. Scholarly articles published in journals, while high in quality, may or may not be peer-reviewed. 

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