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Assignment | Disabilities Exploration Project (Willis): Getting Started

Fall 2018 | EDUC 2301 (Prof. Willis)

Background Research

You should always start any research project by doing your background research -- casually looking around for information to get a bird's eye view of your topic. This will help you by:

  • providing context for your topic, letting you see the big picture;
  • giving you the perspective you need to successfully narrow your topic;
  • helping you discover key phrases, ideas, people, and dates that will fuel your deeper research.

Managing Your Research

While conducting research you will need to capture the articles and associated citations. Your process will be very individual, but be consistent and choose a tool to help organize your research. Some suggested tools below:

OneDriveOneDrive - Cloud storage from Microsoft Office 365. 1 TB free for Lone Star College students.


EvernoteEvernote - The Basic version is free. Works across all mobile devices. Create notebooks for each course or writing assignment. Be sure to download the Web Clipper as well.

ZoteroZotero - Zotero is a free, open access extension that runs in the Firefox and Chrome browsers that's designed to gather, download, and tag your research. Helpful tutorials.

EasyBibEasyBib - Citation generator that is free for MLA.

Good Notes Prevent Plagiarism!

Keeping careful track of your research and noting your sources as you go will make it easier for you to put everything together with all the citations you'll need!

Gathering Your Thoughts

Your assignment guidelines clearly list what topics you need to address in your project. Use this as the backbone to organize your information! Listing your findings in a Word document under each topic could work, or if you're a more visual person, you might want to create a mindmap using a tool like Coggle or just drawing on paper.

Image of sample mindmap template, with the disability at center and branches for information about it, education & support resources, myths, and technology