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Databse Trials & Renewals (specific to LSC-UP Library)

Learn more about the UP-specific database licenses and provide feedback to help us decide what to add or remove.


What's already available for this area:


OverDrive & Hoopla are two e-book (and other items) collections common in public libraries and some academic libraries, especially for leisure reading.


  • Contains: e-books, e-audiobooks, magazines, some TV/movies, graphic novels
  • Most items (e-books/audiobooks/etc, except for magazines) are handled like physical items: 1 copy = 1 borrower. For 2 students to borrow the same item, usually 2 copies would need to be purchased (and so on).
  • Loans are for up to 2 weeks. May be renewed if other people aren't waiting on the item.
  • A limited set of titles (classic, big name works mainly -- though not public domain) are available to be used as class sets.
  • Very user-friendly for borrowers! Their Libby app is great.
  • If you're not familiar, try it through HCPL.


  • Contains: e-books, e-audiobooks, graphic novels, some TV/movies, music
  • All items are available to all users for simultaneous use! To control the costs, instead, each user is limited to a certain number of checkouts each month.
  • Loans are for 3 weeks at a time. If an item needed to borrowed again, it would count against that month's total checkouts.
  • Very user-friendly for borrowers! The Hoopla app is great.
  • If you have a Houston Public Library card, or a Montgomery public library card (MCMLS), you can try their Hoopla access to test. (HCPL dropped due to cost.)


What's already available for this area:

These e-book collections tend to be more academic (though not quite exclusively so). Our users can access materials from OverDrive via HCPL using their LSC barcodes, true! But we could build a custom collection specific to our UP interests rather than Harris County as whole.



What's already available for this area: