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Assignment | Pre-Gothic Humanities Presentation (Truax): Getting Started

HUMA 1301 | Prof. K. Truax (Spring 2021)

Your Assignment

For your project, you will present to the class about a single piece of art or culture from the Gothic Period or earlier [this is loosely through the 14th century or so -- maybe a little early Renaissance]. You will choose the piece and perform research to answer the critical response questions from Chapter 2. You can use these questions as the framework for your presentation. The presentation should 8 to 10 minutes. You should also have a detailed description of the work in your own words in the presentation.

Pro-Tip! A good rule of thumb is to have 1 slide per minute of presentation (not counting your title or works cited slides). Start with that, and then you break things up to be more interesting.


These are the critical response questions that should be addressed in the presentation.

  1. Define what we want to determine: what should my fellow students know about this piece of art?
  2. Acknowledge our instinctive, emotional response: how did it make me feel? 
  3. Collecting information and considering all pertinent factors: what can I find out about the artists and craft that was at work here?
  4. Evaluating the work in its proper context: what can I find out about the historical and artistic context this work was produced in?
  5. Accepting characters or people unlike yourself: can I like these people, or at least understand them, even though we have nothing in common?
  6. Forming an opinion with evidence to back it up: Using all the information I have gathered, along with my initial emotional response, what can I say about this work?

, These answers come from you.

These answers come from your research.

Synthesize all of the above.

Looking for a Subject