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Assignment | Serial Killer Presentation (Sawyerr): Getting Started

Summer 2020 | PSYC 2301 | Prof. Sawyerr

Assignment Summary

You will research the biographical information, the crimes, and the criminal profile of a specific serial killer. A list of serial killers is on the assignment sheet for group selection. The information sources you use to support your statements about the serial killer will be found in the Lone Star College Libraries. These sources are electronic (online). Links to the information collections (databases) are in this research guide. The collections contain articles from newspapers, magazines, and journals. 

The full assignment description is in the Word document linked below and inside D2L.

Background Information

Your Goals:

  • 5 sources, max + your textbook
    • 3 credible articles 
    • 1 Scholarly article
    • 1 Textbook reference
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