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Assignment | Serial Killer Presentation (Sawyerr): Getting Started

Fall 2020 | PSYC 2301 | Prof. Sawyerr

Assignment Summary

You will research the biographical information, the crimes, and the criminal profile of a specific serial killer. A list of serial killers is on the assignment sheet for group selection. The full assignment description is in the Word document linked below and inside D2L.

Your Goals:

  • 5 sources, max + your textbook
    • 3 credible articles 
    • 1 scholarly article
    • 1 textbook reference

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In-Text (Parenthetical) Citation

What would the correct APA citation for the above article look like?
(Bundy): 0 votes (0%)
Lamar: 0 votes (0%)
(Lamar and Holmes): 0 votes (0%)
(Lamar & Holmes): 1 votes (11.11%)
(Lamar & Holmes, 1989, p. 34): 8 votes (88.89%)
Total Votes: 9