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Assignment | Bill Tracking Project (Ross): MLA Citation & Format

Spring 2019 | GOVT 2306 | Professor Ross

In-Text and Full Citations

There are two parts to each citation. (1) In-text citations are within the sentence that uses the information from an article. In-text citations will have a corresponding (2) full citation of the article on the Works Cited page. This full citation on the Works Cited page gives the reader all the information needed to find the article itself.

In-Text Citation Example:

The Supreme Court has considered the constitutionality of granting union members the exclusive right to participate in collective bargaining in two cases (Imber and Van Geel 472-81).

Works Cited Example:

Imber, Michael, and Tyll Van Geel. Education Law. 3rd ed., Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 2006.

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