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GEOL 1445 | Prof. C. Spears (Spring 2022)

Ocean wave

The tabs above navigate through this guide's content. In Finding Information you have access to research databases and credible sites from government or scientific domains. When you are ready to take information from a source into the paper you are writing, utilize academic integrity with correct citations, paraphrasing or using quotes from these sources. The Citations and Writing tabs will answer many of your questions about citation format and writing.  

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Marine Policy Project

This research project will be completed in five (5) parts throughout the semester and requires you to identify, research, and build an argument (pro or con) regarding a specific issue related to the ocean. Using this knowledge about the issue, you will produce a concisely written letter of appeal.

The best targets are local or regional elected officials. Individuals within corporations and/or research institutions are also good targets for your appeal. 

Complete details on this project are at the links below and in the Marine Policy Project module within D2L.