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Assignment | Astronomy Research Paper (Moturu): Getting Started

Summer 2020 | PHYS 1403 & PHYS 1404 | Prof. Sarada Moturu

Astronomy decorative header: starry background

Sources to Search For

Starting Points & Overviews

  • galactic collisions
  • Hubble Space telescope
  • Chandra X-ray Observatory
  • the age of the universe
  • Kuiper belt objects
  • Compare the atmospheres of the terrestrial planets
  • Mission and latest findings of NASA’s space craft Cassini

Locate at least three (3) good sources to describe our understanding of your topic. You may cite your textbook but it will not count as one of your three. You will need to synthesize information from your research into your own words to explain why the topic is significant, what our current knowledge is, and what mysteries remain to be discovered.

Even though you cannot cite encyclopedia sources, they are a good place to start your research.

These types of sources will give you background information and the big picture (plus teach you any specialized jargon that might go with your topic) which will help you make better choices when you do your "real" research later on.

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Cassini photo of Saturn's moons

Photo via NASA | Cassini Images