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Mindfulness: Exercise

2019 | Staff Development Day | Rugh

Shake It Up


Peaceful Piggy Meditation Kerry Lee MacLean

Breath Exercise

Breathing Hands

Spread one hand out like a star.
Use the index finger on your other hand to trace the outline of your star hand.
Take a deep breath in as you move to the top of your thumb.
you move down between your thumb and first finger.
Take another breath in as you move to the top of your first finger.
Breathe out as you move down between your first and second finger.
Repeat until you have taken five slow, deep breaths.


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Guided Mediation

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Institute for Mindful Leadership

Listen to discussions about mindfulness:


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Mindful Application

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Do you have children in your life you can introduce to this life skill? Research is showing how valuable mindfulness is in the learning process.

Corporate leadership retreats often include mindfulness workshops.

Mindful eating is a weight reduction strategy.

This skill has no age or situation boundary. Share these ideas and activity cards with someone.

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