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Assignment | GOVT 2305 Current Events (Khatri): Getting Started

GOVT 2305 | Prof. C. Khatri (Spring 2021)

Assignment: Current Event Paper

The student will submit a 1-2 page analysis of an article from a reputable news source (Fox News, CNN, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Houston Chronicle etc.) whose topic is relevant to the class. The article must report on an action of the US federal government. Opinion articles, or Op-eds, are not an acceptable basis for this assignment.
Your paper should be an analysis as well as a summary of the article you have chosen. Analysis within the context of political science means that you are putting an action or a topic in the broader scope of government and of its interaction with citizens. Please provide a properly composed citation of your article. Should you choose to quote or paraphrase your chosen article in your paper, please provide correctly structured in-text citations. A lack of both in-text citations (as parenthetical citations or as footnotes) and a Works Cited page constitutes plagiarism, as such, papers which do not include both forms of citations will not receive any credit.
Use of a source that does not conform to the requirements stated above will receive no credit.  

Academic Integrity

All submitted papers will be checked for originality of the work submitted, through Points will be deducted from the final grade of the paper as the percentage of the overall work that matches to outside sources increases. marks not only in text content but also citations that can be found in other sources. Matching citations will not be counted against the student, but matching in text content will. 

Be sure to use the Academic Writing tab of this guide for academic writing and citation help. 

Plagiarism Checkers and Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

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