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Assignment | Essay 4 Literary Analysis (Izaguirre): Short Stories

Spring 2020 | ENGL 1302 (Prof. L. Izaguirre) - Essay #4

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Librarian's Note: I have only linked to texts that I could find as legal copies, whether online or in the library's digital collections -- not just because I'm supposed to, but because this will make it so much easier to write a citation, I promise.
If an item does not have a link, I couldn't get a legal link to it.* However, if you were to Google the title...

Copyright Comment

(If you think it's ridiculous that so many of these are unlinked, I agree! Did you know, Flannery O'Connor's works are in the public domain in Canada? But not in the US! Pay attention when Congress talks copyright -- they keep extending the length of it.)