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Assignment | Texas Policy Project (Henry): Getting Started

GOVT 2306 Texas Government | Prof. B. Henry (Summer 2020)


We have studied the constitutional framework and practical operations of the policymaking process. Now, it is time to analyze policy itself. You may choose ANY public policy issue that the Texas state government can impact for your policy analysis project.

There are some basic steps to follow in your research process. Each step will be a section of a written report that you will submit with your in-class policy presentation. The report is NOT a research paper, but you do need to cite ALL your sources and organize the report using the provided format and expectations.

Step 1: Define the policy problem 

Step 2: Identify policy solutions 

Step 3: Evaluate policy solutions 

Step 4: Compare policy solutions 

Step 5: Endorse a policy solution      

Appropriate sources include: 1) academic sources from databases, 2) governmental sources from agency websites, 3) policy reports generated by think tanks/interest groups, and 4) mainstream media sources that report on policy (WSJ, NYT, etc.).

Your Goals

For this assignment, you need
  • A minimum of 5 credible sources,
  • MLA style formatting, including a Works Cited page​

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