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Halloween 2019: Ghosts

Room for one more...

Hello, Ghosts

And Don't Forget -- Bare Bones Scary Story Contest for Students

Writing TipsStudents: Bare Bones Scary Story Contest

Write the scariest story you can in 2 sentences or less!


This contest runs Oct. 1. through midnight on Monday, Oct. 28.

How To Enter:

The entry form will display below starting Oct. 1 with the start of the contest. All entries must go through this online form. Each student may submit up to 3 entries.

To the Victor Go the Spoils:

Winner(s) will be announced on Halloween! We'll contact you to let you know you've won (or follow us on social media) and where to pick up your prize.

2019 prize: Divination kit! Tarot deck, crystal ball, and loose-leaf tea for tasseomancy

Crystal ball, tarot card deck, and loose leaf tea

Get in the October spirit with our SpotifyHalloween: Fun Edition and SpotifyHalloween: Spooky playlists on Spotify!


Halloween: Fun Edition playlist cover. Orange background with faux-Polaroids depicting a skull, jack-o-lantern, and candy Halloween: Spooky Edition playlist cover - mostly dark with a lit candle in the bottom left corner