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Assignment | Object Profile (Fritchey): Getting Started

ENGL 1301 | Prof. C. Fritchey | Fall 2019

Profile Writing

Sample objects in a row, including: scissors, match, coin, pencil, shoelaces, fork, paper, and string

Consider looking for information like:

  • Specific historical background
    • Creation
    • Evolution
    • Change in uses
  • Sensory images
  • Figurative language
  • Dialogue
  • Anecdotes

Brainstorm Your Topic

Organize Your Thoughts with a Mind Map

Mind maps are a great tool to help you organize your thoughts and see new information or connections that you might not have previously been aware of.  As you develop your mind map, narrow your topic down from a broad topic to a specific research question. You will use this research question, and the keywords you've identified on your mind map, to search the library databases for resources.  As you utilize the research databases, continue to fill in information on your mind map to help you see if there are gaps in your research that you need to address.


Your Assignment

Your Goals:

  • 1 source from the databases
  • 1 visual

I, Pencil

This is an animated adaptation of an essay published in 1958 by economist Leonard E. Read in which he claims that no one person knows how to make the simple pencil. His point is about trade and economies and markets, but the first part provides some interesting food for thought to get you thinking about how complex a simple object can be.