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Houston Harvey/Flood 2017 Resource Guide

This guide collects news and resources to help our community in Northwest Houston during this catastrophic flooding event. It's being maintained by SLRC Staff.
This guide is no longer being actively updated; however, it will remain online indefinitely for future reference as many links are not time-sensitive or event-specific.

Travel Apps & Info

Waze app icon: smiling speech bubble on wheels Waze is a GPS navigation app that allows users to report traffic and road conditions. This can help alert you in real time if your route has high water.

Note: you will need to make an account to use the app. Keep in mind that if people aren't traveling or reporting in the app, hazards won't be displayed -- this doesn't mean the route is safe.

Houston TranStar manages the region's transportation system and is the primary coordination site for state, county and local agencies when responding to incidents and emergencies.

Travel Services