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Kindles for ESOL Reading: Kindle Books

This guide will help you to use the Kindles issued to your class this semester.

This tab contains information on devices and platforms for digital content. A drop-down menu appears when the cursor is placed over App Guides. Digital content for the Kindles (eReader) is provided through the LSCS Catalog, OverDrive and Hoopla services. Click on each menu item for information.

About Kindle Books

Kindle app icon

These are the books that the librarians and your professor have purchased to be available to you.

Kindle Books

First View of Kindle Bookshelf

When you first open the Books app, this is what you'll see (but you will have more books). Decide which book you want to read. Tap on the book cover to open the book.

Kindle Book app home view

Reading the Book

When you open a book, you will be at the start of the book. (If you have already read some of the book, you will be where you left off.)

To "turn the page," slide your finger across the screen from right to left.

Kindle book page

Seeing the definition of a word

When you see a word you don't know, just hold your finger down on the screen on top of the word. This will highlight the word. You will also get a definition to explain the word at the bottom of the screen.

Kindle book dictionary look-up

Learning even more about a word

Some words may also be explained through Wikipedia. This is good for words that are related to more difficult ideas or events or places.

Kindle book Wikipedia entry

Even more things to do with a highlighted word

When you have selected a word or words, you have other options, too. You can highlight the words so you can find them again later. You can write a note for yourself about those words. You can copy the words. You can also search for the words in that book or on the internet.

Kindle book highlighted word

Tap the screen for the main menu options

If you want to leave the book, or if you want to quickly jump to another part of the book, just tap the screen in the middle of the page. You will now have new options at the top and bottom of the screen.

In the top left corner are 3 lines. (A blue arrow is pointing at it.) Tapping this icon will open a menu for the book.

The green arrow is pointing at more options. One will let you change how big or how small the words in the book are.

At the bottom of the screen, you can tap the triangle to go back, or the circle to go to the home screen.

Kindle books tap for menu

The book menu

The book menu will give you options to quickly move around in the book. For example, you can skip to another chapter. You can also return to the start of the book. You can search the book for a word or words.

Kindle book menu