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Kindles for ESOL Reading: Word Games

This guide will help you to use the Kindles issued to your class this semester.

These games are totally optional. If you want to try them out, then go for it!


Start screen

When you first open the game Definitionado, it will give you a short explanation of how the game works. As it says, tap the screen anywhere to go past this page.

Definitionado instructions


The next screen will show you the different kinds of hints you can get to help you solve the puzzles.

Definitionado hints

Example of a puzzle

The top half of the screen gives you hints about what word to type from the available letters that are at the bottom of the screen.

In this example, we have the hint "women glow, men perspire, and pigs do this." This refers to the English idiom "sweat like a pig" as well as euphemisms for sweating for men and women.

Definitionado example

Solving the puzzle

Since we established "sweat" is the answer to the puzzle, we just have to start tapping the letters to spell it out.

When you've solved a puzzle, it will give you another one.

Definitionado solving the hint

Word Saying

Word Saying start screen

Tap the red/orange "Play" button to start the game.

Word Saying start screen

How to play

The first time you open the game, it will show you instructions about how to play.

This game shows you slightly jumbled words. You have to figure out what the real words are, then drag your finger across the words to spell them out in order. In this example, the phrase is "high five." You would place your finger on the H, then slide it over the I, G, H. Then you would touch the F and slide it over the I, V, E to solve the puzzle.

Word Saying instructions