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Assignment | Communication Problem Research Paper (Dragomir): Research

Fall 2019 | Prof. Dragomir | SPCH 1311

Message, Tone, & Communication

How do communication style vary across platforms?

Find Popular Sources for Articles

Evaluate for: currency, relevance, accuracy, authority, and purpose

You need to be able to provide examples of the current discourse for your topic: how is it being discussed in the media today?

Search Tip!

You can streamline your Google searches by limiting your results to only .edu domains (the only type of site you're allowed to use in this assignment, unless it's the official site of a living theorist). Just add to your search terms! Try it out below:

Google Web Search

Communication Theories

Research theories in the database Communication & Mass Media Complete by going into that database, then

  1. Click "Thesaurus" in the blue bar at the top of page
  2. Type "theory" in the search box. Change the filter to "Term Contains."
  3. Voila! Subject terms for communication theories. You can click the terms to see a definition, and discover related terms and options to broaden or narrow that search.

Want to actually search for any of those terms?

  1. Select the checkbox next to the term(s).
  2. At the top of the list, click the "add" button.
  3. The search terms will build in the search box at the top of the page. When you're ready, just hit the green search box like normal.

Look for Scholarly Articles

The nature of your topic -- and what information you're trying to find about it -- will determine which databases you should search. Be sure to read the descriptions to figure out what coverage a database has.

Possible Databases:

Also Try:

Even More Databases:

Consider which disciplines apply to your specific topic when choosing your databases.

DatabasesResearch Databases (Main Page)

Databases (Searchable List)

Accessing the Databases

Access 100+ databases organized by subject area from the Research Databases page. Also try our dynamic, sortable database list!

Student ID BadgeTo access the databases locked icon (same icon that displays by the LSC-limited access resources) from off-campus, you must provide the 14-digit library barcode.

Don't have one yet? Request a barcode number online.