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Assignment | Midsummer Night's Dream Design Project (Doss): United States

Spring 2019 | DRAM 1310 | Prof. Corinne Doss
Jump to:  Revolutionary America   |  Civil War South   |   World War I    |   1950s New Look    |    1970s California   |   1990s Grunge

Revolutionary America (1770s)

Civil War South (1861-1865)

World War 1 America (1914-1918)

1950s New Look

Evaluating Information

CRAAP test factors: Currency, Relevance, Accuracy, Authority, Purpose

The Three Rs

Is your source
Recent? Reliable? Relevant?

Is this source up-to-date? Is it about my topic, and does it go into enough depth? Does it come from an authoritative source? Is the information accurate (and are there citations given to back it up)? And why was this information written in the first place?