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Assignment | Midsummer Night's Dream Design Project (Doss): Getting Started

Spring 2019 | DRAM 1310 | Prof. Corinne Doss

Keyword Suggestions & Considerations

The terms on this page are meant to help you flesh out your searches -- it's helpful to look for "19th century pelisses" rather than "19th century clothes" over and over! There are also some other notes here and there for considerations like rural vs urban or breaking down a larger time period into more specifics.

To get started with links to actual image repositories and collections, look for your continent under Costume Resources above.

  • Consider which dynastic period you want: Old Kingdom? New Kingdom? Late Period?
Fashion terms:
  • kalasiris
  • klaft
  • henna
  • nemes
  • kilt
  • beadnet dress
  • spans about 762~1258 CE
  • Baghdad is the major city
  • Abbasid Caliphate
Fashion terms:
  • farthingale
  • bum roll
  • ruff
  • bombast
  • doublet
  • hose or breeches
  • 1420-1600
  • sumptuary laws sought to control fashion excesses
  • Florence was the prominent city at this time
Fashion terms:
  • giornea
  • cioppa
  • pianelle
  • 1603-1867 (ending with the Meiji restoration)
  • Important location: Edo (now known as Tokyo)
  • aka the Edo period
Fashion terms:
  • kosode
  • kesa
  • hakama
  • kamishimo
Fashion terms:
  • stomacher
  • homespun (fabric)
  • stays
  • petticoats
  • pannier
  • Continental Army uniforms (or lack thereof)
  • neckerchief or fichu
  • tricorn hats, mobcaps

The Napoleonic Wars overlap with this period.

Fashion terms:
  • Empire (high) waist
  • spencer
  • cravat
  • redingote or pelisse
  • Betsy collar
  • Geography: Kenya and Tanzania
Fashion terms:
  • shuka
  • beadwork
  • ochre
  • scarification
  • 1861-1865
  • The Confederacy (Confederate States of Amercia) = Virginia, North Carolina, South Caroline, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Florida, Louisiana, Texas
  • Cotton was grown in the south but processed in the north -- the war disrupts fabric production
Fashion terms:
  • crinoline or hoopskirts
  • corsets
  • Confederate military uniforms (grey)
  • "butternut" uniforms
  • homespun (fabric)

The First Boer War kicked off this decade.

Fashion terms:
  • bustle
  • corset
  • Great War
  • Post-Edwardian
  • 1939-1945
  • Rationing affected clothing and fabric
  • Utility Clothing - CC41 mark
  • Blitz (London, primarily)
  • Christian Dior's New Look
  • Cities of note: San Francisco, Los Angeles
  • Skateboard culture resurged with the drought drying out swimming pools
Fashion terms:
  • hippie
  • punk (late 70s)
  • Cities of note: Seattle
  • Celebrity icons: Kurt Cobain, Courtney Love
Fashion terms:
  • plaid

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