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Meeting the Challenge of COVID-19

Information curated and organized regarding COVID-19 and its impact on our world.

LSC Updates

All LSC facilities will be closed until further notice...LSC decisions will be made with each student’s health and academic success in mind.
If you test positive, please report your illness or exposure to or call (823) 246-0019


Returning Library Books

Currently (September 8th), all library books have the return date of December 14th. If you want to drop books off, the CyFair campus has opened a curb-side service.

If you have a rental textbook store from you can use the Rental Return link through the book store. If you are uncertain if you have a library book or rental book, please reach out to our circulation staff via email at



Classes Convert to Online


Help to Make Life/School Work a Little Easier

Student Access to Online Classes

As students move from face-to-face classrooms into online classrooms (D2L) computer and internet access are essential. Some students will need to acquire these resources. Internet providers are opening up affordable plans. Phone data plans are being expanded. Below are some potential solutions. 

PCs and Devices

Internet Access