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SLRC Continuity Resources during COVID-19

The library and academic coaching are still available to support students and employees during this time!

You might decide to scale back on research projects or eliminate them altogether this semester, and we understand that. However, whether simple or complex, the librarians can still support your classes online!

Hands On: Embed a Librarian into D2L

This puts a librarian directly in your sections, able to see your assignment materials and interact with your students. Our standard Faculty Guide to the Library has instructions for how to add a user to your class. Before you start adding librarians, though, first please submit a library instruction request so that we can distribute the workload effectively. We will follow-up with you to ask clarifying questions and to let you know who your librarian will be, similar to scheduling a face-to-face class.

  • For the date, put the start of whatever week an assignment is given out, or that you'd like an interaction to take place.
  • For time, put anything -- unless you are planning some synchronous event.
  • In the Learning Outcomes box, please briefly describe what kind of assignment your students have and how you see the librarian supporting them. (If your answer to the latter is just "be available in case there's a question," see below.)


Ideas for D2L Involvement with Your Librarian

  • Develop an assignment/research guide -- is the main page if you'd like to see examples.
  • Arrange a discussion board that students are required to post to as part of their assignment.
    • You and your librarian can work together to establish a discussion prompt, whether broadly conceptual like "what challenges have you encountered in starting your research?" or "what has been your experience with research in the past?" or more targeted prompts.
    • Or perhaps students are just required to ask a question of the librarian at some point -- leave it up to them to figure out what they need to know.
    • You could require students post a citation or two for the librarian to check (both the appropriateness of the source and the correctness of the citation), with a due date ahead of their final product. This helps them not go too far off course.
  • We've even, in other online classes, provided feedback on rough and/or final drafts relating to citations, research, source integration, and plagiarism! This is a high-intensity activity, but especially for rough drafts, very impactful on the students.


Hands Off: Embedding Library Resources

If don't have a specific need for a research guide or librarian discussion or other interactions, it's probably better to NOT add us to your class but instead include some strategic resources. Our Embeddable Resources page of the Faculty Guide offers up files and embed codes that you can add to your class yourself.

  • First thing on the page is the code for all the library contacts! Just right-click, Save As... to get the HTML file, then upload, and you're done! Your students have all the ways to contact us + our hours right at their finger tips.