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SLRC Continuity Resources during COVID-19

The library and academic coaching are still available to support students and employees during this time!

What's Broken?

My library barcode doesn't work! I can't get in!

  • Re-type your library card number: 14 digits, no spaces.
    • Your student ID number (7 digits) will not work as a substitute.
  • Are you trying to access a resource for another campus?
    • If a database is labeled e.g. (LSC-Kingwood), UP students don't have access.
  • If you've double-checked the above, contact us via text, email, or chat.

I can't submit my assignment in D2L!

  • What times show on the dropbox? Are you past the deadline? Did your professor set the wrong time?
  • Refresh the page and try again.
  • Try signing out, then logging back in and trying again.
  • Try submitting from a different browser (i.e. if you're in Chrome, open Firefox or Edge instead).
  • If none of that works,
    • Email your professor immediately. Politely explain that you've tried to submit online, what you've tried instead (the above suggestions), and that it's still not working. Attach a copy of your assignment to the email as proof that you aren't trying to sneak an extension on the due date.
    • You might also contact LSC-Online support (VLAC) as well, in case there's a generic system problem at work.

myLoneStar is rejecting my password!/I'm locked out of my account!

  • Try the "reset password" feature. Even if you remember (or think you remember) what your password is supposed to be, go ahead and do this.
  • If that doesn't work, or you can't remember your password reset questions, contact OTS at 832.813.6600 (7 days/week, 6 a.m. through midnight).
    • They'll reset your password and unlock your account. You will have to set a new password when you log in.
Hint: once you've changed your password, make sure you update it on your phone -- wifi settings, email settings... anywhere your old password was saved. Not doing this can cause your account to be locked again when these apps try (and fail) to connect with the old password.

My class isn't in D2L at all.

  • Did you take the D2L Orientation? Sometimes your classes will all be hidden from you until you do the lesson on how to use D2L.
  • Contact your professor -- if it's very early in the semester, they might need to activate the course. Classes are not available before the semester officially starts.
  • If none of the above apply, contact VLAC.